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(updated 2010)

In 1993 I took part in the Quadrinity Process at the Hoffman Institute UK and in 1994 I did a 10-day insight meditation retreat. These events transformed my life, beginning an inward journey to find the truth and discard false beliefs about myself and the world. The outward reflection of this was a strong desire for creativity which went on to include clay modelling, photography and computer art. For more than 10 years most of my work was representational.

The paintings I made in 2003 are my favourites from this time, being expressive and freely painted (Enigma, Lucy 2003, Brighton Beach). I still do representational art, mostly with etching, drypoint and other printmaking techniques. In June 2006 Suzette Clough introduced me to her own spiritual painting process: Visual Medicine™ (www.visualmedicine.co.uk). The paintings that emerge come from the unconscious. My experience of creating the work is deeply satisfying, giving me insights into my unknown interior self.

I get particular satisfaction from the circular form, or mandala, which seems, through its beauty, to encapsulate uplifting messages of optimism and love. I hope that the viewer will find in them positive expressions of his/her own psyche. They come, and should be viewed, from the heart and not the head. . 


1994 - 1998  Tutored by Jackie King-Cline at the Sternberg Centre, London.
1998 – 1999  Foundation Course at The Hampstead Institute, London.
1998 -  Studying with Barbara Jackson at The Hampstead Institute.

2003 -  Short course of study with the French painter, Caty Belverge.
2007 -  Studying  printmaking with Theresa Pateman at The Hampstead Institute. 
2006 -  present day:    Working with Suzette Clough - see above Visual Medicine (www.visualmedicine.co.uk )   

2004 - Real Art Exhibition - at the Coningsby Gallery in London W1.               
2005 - My painting 'Contemplation' published as cover of Israeli text book.
2005 - Barnet Open, artsdepot, North Finchley, London. 
2006 – Several paintings hung at 'Viva' Open held by Brent Arts Register at the             Gallery in Willesden.
2006 - Joint Exhibition at the Etz Chayim Gallery, Northwood.
2008 - Work exhibited at the Gallery in Willesden.  2nd prize
2009 - Prints exhibited at the Gallery in Willesden.
2009 - Prints exhibited in Group Show at Burgh House, Hampstead.
2010 - Print exhibited at the Gallery in Willesden.